Heidi Budi

"I became interested in NFP after earning a degree in biology and learning about the beauty of the human reproductive systems. I want every person to see the beauty of a woman’s cycle and how to read the signs of fertility. With a little time, energy, and patience, every individual or couple can learn to interpret the biological markers of the woman’s cycle and become a partner in her healthcare when necessary.

My main goal is to teach women and couples how to understand their fertility and to tailor the Creighton Model System (CrMS) to every individual’s or couple’s situation. Through good teaching, support, and availability to answer questions, I hope to assist all women or couples to successfully use the CrMS."

Heidi lives in Appleton with her husband and two children and can help couples with the following:

  • Instruction in the Creighton Model of FertilityCare (CrMS)
  • Help with use of CrMS during breastfeeding
  • Use of CrMS with irregular cycles
  • CrMS chart reviews and analysis

NFP Method

  • Creighton

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