Dr. Scott & Cynthia Stillwell (Eng/Esp)

Dr. Scott and Mrs. Cynthia Stillwell have been involved with the Couple to Couple League (CCL) and Natural Family Planning (NFP) for many years. They became a CCL-NFP promoter couple in 1999. In 2004, they became certified CCL-NFP teaching couple and were recertified in the new USCCB-approved program in 2008. They continue to offer onsite classes, including the Main NFP Series, Postpartum, and Pre-menopause classes in the Green Bay area, as well as mentoring couples that choose to take the CCL's Self-paced Online Class Series.

Dr. Scott and Cynthia were married in 1982 and have been blessed with ten children and six grandchildren (hopefully more to come!). They credit the Couple to Couple League and Natural Family Planning with assisting them to grow in their Catholic Faith and to become loving, dedicated spouses and responsible, loving parents according to God’s design. Viewing Natural Family Planning as a beautiful gift from God that cultivates life-giving, authentic love, Scott and Cynthia continue to be inspired to share this gift with other couples by volunteering to promote and teach Natural Family Planning.

NFP Method

  • Couple to Couple

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