For Medical Professionals

The St. Gianna Molla Guild of Northeast Wisconsin

(A Chapter of the Catholic Medical Association)

The office of Marriage and Family Life seeks to support physicians in their continuing education regarding modern and effective methods of Natural Family Planning. The diocese supports this education through promotion of and collaboration with the Catholic Medical Association. The Saint Gianna Molla Guild of Northeast Wisconsin, our local chapter of the CMA, helps its members to maintain ethical integrity and provide excellent healthcare in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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FACTS Collaborative

The Diocese of Green Bay seeks to facilitate the continual education of healthcare professionals in our area by facilitating presentations by our friends at The Fertility Appreciation Collaborative to Teach the Science (FACTS). Facts offers webinars on a range of reproductive topics, many of which are available for CME credits. If you are interested in completing a short webinar as an audit or for CME credit, please contact Todd Phillips at the diocese of Green Bay for a promo code. (920) 272-8317

Directory of NFP Supporting Physicians

Many Catholics look for a physician who offers compassionate care consistent with their values and faith tradition. As a service to them, we maintain a directory of physicians in our area who are competent in helping women and couples navigate their fertility using these methods. If you are interested in having your name appear on this directory, please review the documents below and contact Todd Phillips at the Diocese of Green Bay. (920) 272-8317.

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*This directory is not meant to be an endorsement of a physician, their Catholic character or their standing within the Church. It reflects that the physician has certain objective skills which relate to interpretation of their patient's menstrual charts for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. These skills are not always common to all the physician's peers in his/her area of medicine.


LinkFindings of research
FABMs are an effective means of pregnancy avoidance.
FABMs are an effective means of achieving pregnancy.
Many Physicians underestimate the effectiveness of modern methods of natural family planning as measured by peer reviewed studies. risk of breast cancer is higher among current and recent users of hormonal contraceptives and risk increases with duration of use. use of FABMs have valuable spousal/relational benefits.

*For a more comprehensive list of research, visit