For Educators

Educators can do much to help advance the mission and objectives of NFP Ministry. While speaking on the mechanics of Natural Family Planning to a school-aged audience may not be appropriate, our diocesan staff and NFP teachers are well equipped to speak on Theology of the Body and similar topics as a component to your school's theology, biology or sexual education curriculum.

Typically, people do not make large decisions such as how to approach their fertility based on their experiences at one solitary point of their lives. It is essential that we offer the faithful a consistent, inviting and loving message at multiple points throughout their lives (their education in Catholic schools, their experiences at mass, their conversations with their physician and ultimately in marriage prep). As Catholic educators, you have the unique responsibility and privilege of helping young people understand and appreciate their capacity for generating new life and cultivating relationships, as well as understand the virtue of chastity. Facilitating the message of Theology of the Body for young people helps till the soil of the heart to receive the practical teachings of NFP later in their lives. If interested in bringing in a local NFP teacher, call Todd at (920) 272-8317.

If an administrator so wishes, as part of his/her additional duty to promote the spiritual formation of staff (or as part of a wellness initiative), he/she could facilitate a presentation for interested parties on NFP or help direct staff to local NFP teachers or to the website, Posters and bookmarks for the website are available for the breakroom/office area upon request. promotional materials