Introduction to Fertility Awareness/ Natural Family Planning

Taught by April Jaure

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January 2, 2021 - 6:00 pm
Register by December 30
Class Price: 95




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In this virtual class you will learn the Family of the Americas ovulation method and the science behind it. By learning to recognize your body's signs that indicate fertility, you can achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally and effectively. At this Introductory session you will learn the method and will be able to begin charting right away. Additional follow-ups will be needed in order to help you gain confidence in observing your signs and to ensure mastery is gained. Couples who are engaged should begin classes at least three months prior to the wedding date if possible.

Fertility Awareness can be used by women with regular as well as irregular cycles, women who are postpartum or breastfeeding, as well as women coming off of artificial contraceptives and women in pre-menopause.

Cost covers Intro session, three individualized follow-up sessions, and initial charting materials. I will send you the link to join the Google Meet after registration.

Be empowered. Be you!

In addition to registering here, please email me at april[at] to ensure I have been notified of your registration.

Note: Sometimes couples want to learn more about Fertility Awareness before they decide whether they want to use it or not. If this describes you, please contact me at april[at] and you can take the Intro session for free.

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